SOLIDU Purity Soap and Cleanser (65 g)
Charcoal and tea tree oil is the perfect pair for a purifying soap. Activated charcoal is well known for its ability to absorb and draw out toxins, impurities, and excess oil from the skin. It also helps to remove dead...
111 kr
SOLIDU 20 Seconds Soap (55 g)
Gentle soap created in 2020, when we all remembered the importance of washing hands often. With rich mango and shea butters and conditioning sunflower oil, this soap is soft and creamy. Exactly what you need for daily hand washing, and...
111 kr
SOLIDU The Pink Shampoo (65 g)
PINK shampoo is made with real peony roots and essential oil from ylang-ylang flowers. Designed for daily care of all hair types, it thoroughly washes and lightly conditions the hair. The hair remains clean and volumized, but at the same...
191 kr
SOLIDU The Exotic Bar Shampoo (65 g)
An expressive and daring shampoo bar for those that dance to their own beat. Its special scent, described perfectly by the product’s name, includes vanilla & citrus deliciously spiced with eucalyptus, patchouli, ylang-ylang and clary sage. The shampoo is enriched...
155 kr
SOLIDU The Balance Bar Shampoo (70 g)
When your scalp produces excess oil, it‘s important to choose the right hair care product. If you cannot go one day without washing your hair, then this shampoo bar is for you! It will thoroughly cleanse and remove excess sebum...
124 kr
SOLIDU Grandma Said Shampoo (65 g)
SOLIDU solid shampoo GRANDMA SAID makes use of two magical haircare ingredients: stinging nettle and tamanu oil. It intensely moisturizes and conditions, and is perfect for weak hair that needs more volume. In Lithuania and nearby regions, stinging nettle concoctions...
168 kr
SOLIDU It's Thyme Body Butter (50 g)
It’s time to pamper your skin with natural butters & essential oils! IT’S THYME solid body butter is an effective remedy for dry & uncomfortable skin, it provides long-lasting hydration, protects the skin from harmful environmental factors, and helps to...
181 kr
SOLIDU No Knots Conditioner (55 g)
A splash of citrus and yellowness for easy-to-comb hair. NO KNOTS is a solid conditioner that will perfectly detangle hair, giving it extra shine and smoothness. It is enriched with mango butter, jojoba oil, unrefined cocoa butter, and silk amino...
191 kr
SOLIDU Hair Candy Conditioner (60 g)
HAIR CANDY conditioner bar with argan oil and shea butter is a double duty conditioner, with the top part designed for hair ends that easily become dry and need extra nourishment, and the bottom part designed for hair roots that...
191 kr
SOLIDU Thyme To Balance Set (3 pcs)
Take some time to even the scales with this gift set designed to gently remove excess dirt and oil from your scalp and body and restore natural balance to your skin. With aromas of rosemary, mint, tea tree, and thyme,...
499 kr 383 kr
SOLIDU 20 Exotic Seconds Set (3 pcs)
Take a walk on the wild side! Nourish your hair with exotic spices, cleanse your skin with tropical fruit fragrances, and soothe your skin with thyme-infused body butter. A perfect gift for a wild adventurer. Includes: 1 x Solid shampoo...
499 kr 394 kr
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