ESTÉE LAUDER Perfectly Clean Cream Cleanser/Moisture Mask (150 ml)
This multi-action cream works as a daily cleanser and a intensive hydrating mask. The rich, non-foaming formula gently removes makeup and cleanses the skin from impurities without drying it out while it leaves the skin smooth, supple, soft and comfortable....
400 kr 362 kr
SEVENS SKINCARE Eye And Lip Beauty Ritual Filler Luxury
This luxury kit from Sevens Skincare contains sheetmask for both the eye and the lip area! Patches Gold Eyes Filler / Redensifying is a filling serum with Hyaluronic Acid and a multivitamin cocktail awakens and illuminates the eye contour. It...
303 kr
SEVENS SKINCARE Luxury Anti-Aging Face Beauty Ritual (2 pcs)
This set of detoxifying and and anti-aging face masks seems to erase years of stress and aging from your skin in 30 minutes! Use as a 2 step treatment.  Detoxifying / Illuminating face mask instantly gives new radiance to the...
334 kr
SEVENS SKINCARE Filler/Perfecting Gold Face Mask (2 pcs)
A luxury face mask from Sevens Skincare that gives an extraordinary plumping effect on the skin! The gold cellulose microcrystalline mask helps low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidant Reforcyl to penetrate fast and deep into the skin to...
402 kr
Sold Out
FILORGA Scrub & Mask (55 ml)
Filorga Scrub & Mask are a 2-in-1 product that gently exfoliates the skin, works anti-aging and stimulates the skin renewal process with NCEF and hyaluronic acid. The product starts as an exfoliating peeling when first applied and after some gentle...
462 kr
FILORGA Age-Purify Mask (75 ml) -
FILORGA Age-Purify Mask (75 ml)
448 kr
Sold Out
This skin-perfection facial mask from Filorga is a true masterpiece within skincare! It immediately erases imperfections, evens out wrinkles, sweeps away dry, flaky skin and corrects uneven skin tone in front of your eyes. Filorga have formulated this exfoliating mask...
295 kr
FILORGA Meso Mask - Anti-wrinkle Lightening Mask (50 ml)
Filorga Meso Mask is an intensive anti-aging face mask that illuminates and brightens the skin while even out wrinkles and reduces signs of fatigue. The high concentration of collagen and elastin moisturizes and makes the complexion more supple while rhamnose...
429 kr
HELENA RUBINSTEIN Re-Plasty Instant Peel Mask (75 ml)
Prodigy Re-Plasty Peel Mask exfoliates and intensely moisturizes your skin for a more even and clearer skin tone in no more than five minutes. It smooths out wrinkles and lines, refines the skin texture and clarifies the skin while counteracting...
1 010 kr
HELENA RUBINSTEIN Powercell Anti-Pollution Mask (100 ml)
Helena Rubinsteins Powercell series are the heart of the brand and constantly improves to reach higher efficacy. This Powercell Anti-Pollution Mask with active ingredients works as an exfoliating balm that removes and prevents build up of pollution particles, dead skin...
934 kr
Sold Out
INNOSSENCE Bubble Mask (50 ml)
This cleansing and purifying mask removes dirt, grease and impurities from the skin. Its oxygenating bubbles produce a tingling and form a layer of foam on your skin. This bubbling mask is especially great for fatigued skin that suffers from...
257 kr
DR.HAUSCHKA Soothing Mask
This recovering, Soothing Mask from Dr.Hauschka calms sensitive and irritated skin and helps it to regain it’s natural balance. A combination of cucumber,buckwheat and mullein soothes the skin while shea butter, macadamia oil, coconut oil, quince seed and witch hazel...
391 kr
DECLARÉ Skin Meditation Mask
This Skin Meditation Mask from Declaré treats dryness and give intense moisture to the skin. Chia seed oil and balancing SRC™ complex soothes sensitive and stressed skin and relieves tightness and redness. Enriched with aloe vera, avocado oil, vitamin E...
279 kr
ISABELLE LANCRAY Egostyle Hydrating Mask
This hydrating mask from Isabelle Lancray truly regenerates and gives hydration to dehydrated skin.  It tightens and strengthens the skin’s barrier, visibly reduces wrinkles and protects the skin from free radicals. ATP activates the cell metabolism and improves the moisture...
332 kr
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