DR. HAUSCHKA Facial Toner (100 ml)
This Facial Toner from Dr. Hauschka gives luster and has a strengthening effect on the skin’s regenerative capacity. A combination of witch hazel and kidney vetch strengthens the skin and regulates the moisture balance. Perfectly suitable for dry, normal and...
314 kr
DR.HAUSCHKA Soothing Mask
This recovering, Soothing Mask from Dr.Hauschka calms sensitive and irritated skin and helps it to regain it’s natural balance. A combination of cucumber,buckwheat and mullein soothes the skin while shea butter, macadamia oil, coconut oil, quince seed and witch hazel...
391 kr
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DR.HAUSCHKA Clarifying Intensive Treatment
Choose Number 1 if your are UNDER 25 years oldThis effective Clarifying Intensive Treatment for people under 25 years of age are perfect for unclean skin, acne prone skin and skin with inflammation or imbalances. A combination of rhodochrosite, silver,...
621 kr
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DR.HAUSCHKA Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil
This Moor Lavender Body Oil from Dr. Hauschka based on peat extracts and enriched with lavender oil soothes and calms stressed skin. Horsetail and horse chestnut energises and brings tired skin back to life. Use this body oil to moisturize...
244 kr
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DR.HAUSCHKA Regenerating Serum
This Regenerating Serum stimulates the skin’s own restorative power and gives new vitality to mature skin. A combination of quince seeds, red clover and clover honey reduces fine lines and wrinkles, strengthens and regulates the skin’s moisture balance. Use this...
671 kr
DR.HAUSCHKA Restorative Night Serum
This fat-free Night Serum are a night care product with witch hazel, apple blossom and apple fruit. It lets the skin breath, supports it’s natural renewal process helps the skin to regain its natural balance during the night. How to...
373 kr
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